HBSE Class 1st Syllabus Monthly 2024, Download Text Books pdf

Haryana Board Monthly Class 1st Syllabus 2024 online. Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) Bhiwani is the most popular board in Haryana. Class 1 is the base of the student. Haryana board is also called BSEH (Board of School Education Haryana. In the first-class syllabus, all interesting and valuable topics have been included by the Education Department. 1st Class Govt. School pdf books and monthly syllabus are available online link is given below.

Haryana Class 1 Syllabus Month wise 2024

Haryana Education Department has divided the class 1 whole syllabus into parts according to the study hours. Generally, the class 1 education session is from April to March of next year. Due to COVID, this session 2024 started in June. There are 3 subjects in class one: Hindi (हिंदी), English (अंग्रेजी), and Mathematics (गणित).

1st Class Books Name

  1. English textbook Name: My Book of English-
  2. Maths Book Name– हँसते-खेलते
  3. Hindi Book Name– झिलमिल-1

HBSE 1st class syllabus month-wise

April Month syllabus for Class 1

  • Hindi: L-1. मेरा परिचय,
  • English: L-1. Clap, Clap, Clap, L-2. Teddy Bear
  • Mathematics- U-1. कहाँ कहाँ + U-2. उडी पतंग

May syllabus for primary classes

  • Hindi: L-2. मस्ती की पाठशाला
  • English: L-3 Rain
  • Mathematics– L3-गेंद और डिब्बा

July Month Syllabus  syllabus for Class 1

  • Hindi: L-3. चित्र पठन, L-4.  परिवेश की जानकारी
  • English: L-4. I am…, 
  • Mathematics: U-4.  नानी की रसोई

August Month Syllabus  syllabus for Class 1

  • Hindi: L-5. लिखने की तैयारी www.hsscweb.in
  • English: L-5. Two Kites + L-6. Know the Animals
  • Mathematics: U-5. चटलू-पटलू

September syllabus for Class 1

  • Hindi: L-6. वर्णों की पहचान www.hsscweb.in
  • English: L-7. Fruit Shop
  • Mathematics– L-6.  नाचता तोता

अक्तूबर Month सिलेबस

  • हिन्दी: L-7. वर्णों का मेल,
  • अंग्रेजी: L-8. Vegetable Train + L-9.  Colors Around Us
  • गणित: L-7.  कितने मेरी मुट्ठी में?

नवम्बर का पाठ्यक्रम 

  • हिंदी: L-8. मात्र ज्ञान (आ से ऋ).
  • English: L-10. My Family
  • गणित: L-8. फल की दूकान

December Syllabus

  • Hindi: L-8. मात्रा ज्ञान (ए,ऐ,ओ,औ, अनुस्वार व अनुनासिक)
  • English: L-11.  Hop a Little (Poem) + L-12. My body parts
  • Maths: L-9.  क्या है कितने का? +  L-10. फुटबाल का खेल

January Month SAT Syllabus

  • Hindi: L-9. आओ पढ़े कहानी
  • English: L-13. Birds Around Us
  • Mathematics: L-11 क्या पहले- क्या बाद में

February Month Class 1st Syllabus 

  • English: L-14. Let’s Play
  • Maths– L-12. कितना लम्बा, कितना दूर, L-13.  तीली खेल
  • Hindi: L-10. ढूंढे और लिखें

March Syllabus class 1

  • English: L-15. Dancing Time
  • Maths– Revision
  • Hindi: Revision

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Download first Class Books & Syllabus:

All the first-class books are online in colored pdf format. Month wise class 1 syllabus is also online with competency and with skills. You can download the pdf format of the class 1st syllabus. These books are also available on the SCERT Haryana website.

BoardHaryana Board (HBSE/BSEH)
SyllabusClass one
Hindi Book pdf class 1Download
English Book pdf class 1Download
Mathematics pdf class 1Download
Class Wise Monthly SyllabusLinks
1st Class Monthly syllabusCheck
2nd Class Monthly syllabusSee
3rd Class Monthly syllabusDownload
4th Class Monthly syllabusVisit
5th Class Monthly syllabusCheck


Is this 1st class syllabus fixed?

No, the Syllabus can be changed by the board.

Are the pdf books given above is same as the ones given by the Govt. in schools?

Yes, pdf copy and original books are the same.

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