HKRN Pay Scale Post Wise Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam DC Rates 2022

HKRN Pay DC Rates (Pay Scale) 2022: Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam prescription of Wage Rates D.C. Rates. Deputy Commissioners had been prescribing wage rates for various categories of manpower in the districts on the basis of the Govt. instructions. It has been observed that various discrepancies have arisen over time involving differences in the rates of the rural labour and urban rates, increase in rates not proportional to the increase in the minimum wages, different prescriptions for experience etc. Haryana Government has set up the Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN)
the mandate of deploying contractual manpower in Government Departments/Boards/Corporations etc. Pay Post wise has been finalized by the Govt. Candidates have to register on Haryana Kaushal Rojgar Nigam Registration Portal. HKRN PayScale post-wise has been finalized by the Haryana Govt.

HKRN DC Rate List 2022

The Haryana Government has decided to prescribe “HKRN DC Rates” for various categories/levels of job roles which shall be charged by the Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN) from the indenting departments. These rates shall be titled Nigam Wage Rates. The Government shall revise the Nigam Wage Rates from time to time. These instructions will supersede all the instructions on the subject of DC Rate issued by the Government from time to time including the instructions issued by the Deputy Commissioners in Haryana State. All the D.C rates prescribed vide the above-said instructions shall stand withdrawn and the Deputy Commissioners shall henceforth not prescribe any DC rates. This is mainly for private-sector jobs in Haryana. HKRN DC Rate List 2022 is given here. According to Haryana Kaushal Rojgar Nigam, there are 4 pay levels District category-wise. The base rate has been increased according to the experience of the candidate.

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DC Rates Outsourcing Services Objectives:

State Government has set up the Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam (HKRN) with the mandate of deploying contractual manpower and manpower for outsourcing services in Government Departments/ Boards/ Corporations etc.
With a view to prescribing wage rates to be charged by the HKRN for manpower supplied to various Departments/ Boards/ Corporations & other entities, the Government has decided to withdraw the erstwhile ‘DC Rate’ concept and prescribe new rates for various job roles. The new rates shall be termed as ‘Nigam Wage Rates’.

सरकार ने विभिन्न श्रेणियों/कार्य भूमिकाओं के स्तरों (प्रतिलिपि संलग्न) के लिए “वेतन दरें” निर्धारित करने का निर्णय लिया है, जिसे हरियाणा कौशल रोजगार निगम (एचकेआरएन) द्वारा मांग विभागों से लिया जाएगा। इन दरों को निगम मजदूरी दर के रूप में शीर्षक दिया जाएगा। सरकार समय-समय पर निगम वेतन दरों में संशोधन करेगी।

District Wise HKRN DC Rates

All districts of Haryana have been divided into 3 categories according to HKRN DC Rates.

Category I– Gurugram, Faridabad, Panchkula, and Sonipat

Delhi and Chandigarh- in the offices under the control of the State Government which are situated in Delhi or Chandigarh. (Comprises those districts that have proximity to capitals (Delhi, Chandigarh) or they are metropolitan cities (10 lakh+ population) or the cities are approaching the metropolitan status)

Category II

Panipat, Jhajjar, Palwal, Karnal, Ambala, Hisar, Rohtak, Rewari, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Yamunanagar, Bhiwani & Jind (comprises those districts which fall neither in Category-I nor in III.)

Category III

Mahendergarh, Fatehabad, Sirsa, Nuh and Charkhi Dadri (comprises those districts which have low cost of living)

HKRN Posts & Qualification Required Level 1, 2, 3, 4 DC Jobs

  • For Level 1 Post: Hindi or Sanskrit as one of the subjects in Matric or Hindi as one of the subjects in higher standard. Matric or Litrate depends upon the posts given below.
HKRN Posts Qualification Level 1
HKRN Posts Qualification Level 1
HKRN Posts Qualification Level 1
HKRN Posts Qualification Level 1
  • For Level 2 Posts: 12th pass or equivalent, SETC, Graduate etc.
HKRN Posts Qualification Level 2
  • For Level 3 Posts: Graduate, 10+2, BA, LLB etc.
HKRN Posts Qualification Level 3
  • For Level 4 Posts: master degree (Post graduate), Btech etc.
HKRN Posts Qualification Level 4

HKRN Level 1 Post Names:

1 Animal Attendant Matric
2 Kennel Man (Dog Handler) Matric
2 Office Associate
3 Attendant Matric
4 Attendant photostat machine Matric
5 Attendant /Peon Matric
6 Bearer Matric
7 Class Attendant Matric
8 Drama Party Attendant Matric
9 Gallery Attendant Matric
10 Hostel Attendant Matric
11 Lady Attendant Matric
12 Library Helper Matric
13 Orderly Matric
14 Parade Attendant Matric
15 Petrol Pump Attendant Matric
16 Store Attendant Matric
17 Telephone Attendant Matric
18 Theatre Attendant Matric
19 Dark Room Attendant Matric
20 Water Carrier Matric
21 Peon Matric
22 User Matric
23 Camera attendant Matric
24 Daftri Matric
25 Lady Hostel Attendant Matric
26 Store Munshi Matric
27 Room Attendant Matric
3 Bailiff 28 Bailiff Matric
4 Barber 29 Barber Matric
5 Cobbler 30 Cobbler Matric
6 Construction Worker
31 Mason Matric
32 T.Mate Matric
33 Attendant (Construction) Matric
34 Blacksmith Matric
35 Blacksmith Helper Matric
36 Carpenter Matric
37 Carpenter Helper Matric
38 Crane Operator-cum-Helper Matric
39 Crane Worker Matric
40 Painter Matric
41 Labourer Matric
42 Road Mate Matric
43 Welder Helper Matric
7 Dhobi 44 Dhobi Matric
8 Field Worker
45 Gauge Reader Matric
46 Beldar Matric
47 Bill distributor Matric
48 Boat Keeper Matric
49 Chainman Matric
50 Cleaner Matric
51 Coolie Matric
52 Dak Runner Matric
53 Ferro Khalasi Matric
54 Field Man Matric
55 Field Worker Matric
56 Fisherman-cum-Watchman Matric
57 Frash Matric
58 Gang Mate Matric
59 Gardner Matric
60 Peon-cum-Water Carrier Matric
61 Glass Cleaner Matric
62 Head Mali Matric
63 Hospital Coolie Matric
64 Keeper Matric
65 Khalasi Matric
66 Mali Matric
67 Mali-cum-Beldar (Dying cadre) Matric
68 Mate Matric
69 Mazdoor Matric
70 Mechanical Helper Matric
71 Messenger Matric
72 Packer Matric
73 Press Messenger Matric
74 Women Coolie Matric
75 Dusting Bearer-cum-mender Matric
76 Ground Man Matric
77 Process Server Matric
78 Store Helper Matric
79 Field Assistant Matric
80 Store Man Matric
9 Security Guard
81 Mining Guard Matric
82 Security man Matric
10 Hospital Worker
83 Swasthya Sahayak Matric
84 Visera Cutter Matric
85 Ward Boy/Ward Attendant Matric
86 Ward Servant Matric
87 Labour Room Attendant Matric
88 Dresser Matric
11 Kitchen Worker 89 Cook Matric
90 Cook Mate Matric
91 Kitchen Bearer Matric
92 Mess Helper Matric
93 Pantryman Matric
94 Waiter Matric
95 Water Carrier-cum-Cook Matric
96 Cook Helper Matric
97 Halwai Helper Matric
98 Kitchen Attendant Matric
99 Tandooria Matric
12 Publicity Worker
100 Announcer Matric
101 Block Publicity worker Matric
102 Leader Bhajan Party Matric
103 Member Bhajan Party (Chimta) Matric
104 Member Bhajan Party (Dholak) Matric
13 Tailor 105 Tailor Matric
14 TechnicalWorker
106 Cane Worker Matric
107 Lab. Assistant Matric
108 Oil Man Matric
109 Assistant Electrician-cum-Helper Matric
110 Assistant Pump Operator Matric
111 Battery Attendant Helper Matric
112 Helper Matric
113 Electrician Matric
114 Electrician Helper Matric
115 Helper Battery Attendant Matric
116 Helper Blacksmith Matric
117 Helper Carpenter Matric
118 Helper Electrician Matric
119 Helper Mechanic Matric
120 Helper to Lineman Rax Matric
121 Helper to Plumber Matric
122 Helper Tyreman Matric
123 Helper Welder Matric
124 Lab Attendant Matric
125 Lab Boy Matric
126 Lab. Peon Matric
127 Moulder Matric
128 Plumber cum pump Operator Matric
129 Tyreman Helper Matric
130 Workshop Attendant Matric
15 SanitationWorker
131 Sanitation Employee Literate
132 Sewer man Literate
133 Sweeper Literate
134 Jamadar Literate
135 Chowkidar 135 Chowkidar Literate
136 Chowkidar-cum-Attendant Literate
137 Chowkidar-cum-Mali Literate
138 Chowkidar-cum-Mali-Cum-Sweeper Literate
139 GateKeeper Literate
140 Peon cum Chowkidar Literate
141 Provincial Reserve Chowkidar Literate
142 Mali-cum-Chowkidar Literate
143 Sweeper-cum-Chowkidar Literate
144 Cook-cum-Chowkidar Literate
145 Water Carrier-cum-Chowkidar Literate

HKRN Level 2 Post Names:

1 Clerk/ Cashier 10+2 with SETC
2 Constable 10+2
3 Data Entry Operator (DEO) 10+2; and (ii) (a) minimum 1 year diploma in Computer Science; or (b) SETC Test qualified from HARTRON
4 Junior Scale Stenographer 10+2 with Shorthand speed of 100 wpm in English and/or 80 wpm in Hindi
5 Receptionist Graduate
6 Steno-typist 10+2 with Shorthand speed of 80 wpm in English and/or 64 wpm in Hindi
7 Store-keeper Graduate
8 Telephone Operator 10+2
9 Development Associate
9 Gram Sachiv Graduate
Revenue Associate
10 Patwari Graduate
11 Conductor 11 Conductor 10+2

12 Driver Matric+ minimum 5 years old driving licence.


When the HKRN DC Rate be revised?

These Nigam DC Rates will be revised annually, based on changes in minimum wages and CPI values.

Will these PayScale be for regular employees or contract employees?

HKRN Contract employee

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