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HTET Old Question Papers 2023: First-time Haryana Teacher Eligibility (HTET) exam was taken in the year 2008. HTET previous year papers for the post of PRT TGT PGT are given here in pdf format. This point is to be noted that some changes have been made in HTET’s new syllabus 2023-24 for JBT, TGT, and lecturer. HTET old question papers of the years 2008, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2020 are given here. Haryana TET results are out after some days of the exam being held. Haryana TET pass marks are 60% or more (90 marks or more out of 150 marks) for the non-SC candidate, For SC candidates passing marks are 55% or more (83 or more out of 150). HTET old papers will also help you to pass the Haryana teacher eligibility exam. Haryana Board of School Education Bhiwani conducts the Haryana Teachers Eligibility Test (HTET) every year for levels I, II, III. But due to some circumstances, HTET cannot be conducted in some years (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019). We are providing you with the HTET question Paper level 1, HTET question Paper level 2, and HTET question Paper level 3.

In 2008 HTET was known as the State Teacher Eligibility Test (STET). A huge number of candidates waiting for the job have applied for HTET this year. To crack the HTET exam students should look at the HTET old question papers held in the previous year. Old question papers give an idea about the exam syllabus, exam pattern, exam length, types of questions, and the difficulty level of HTET question papers. Candidates should practice with practice papers and with the old question paper. HTET question paper is bilingual. Click here to see the HTET exam date and application form.

HTET Old Papers Details

Papers DetailsHTET Old Papers/ HTET Previous Paper
Exam Conducted byHaryana Board of School Education
LanguageBilingual (Hindi, English)
Number of Questions150
Total Marks150
Exam duration2 hours 30 minutes
Exam Mode Offline
Question typeMCQ
HTET paper

HTET Old Question Papers Exam Pattern 2023

HTET question paper for PRT TGT PGT contains 150 multiple-choice questions. There is no negative marking in HTET exam. Some changes have been made by the Haryana board in the HTET syllabus. that’s latest exam pattern or HTET syllabus is given below. Last 5 years HTET solved question papers. HTET previous year paper revision will enhance the chance to score more in tests.

According to HTET’s new syllabus, the 2023-2024 PGT HTET paper (Level third) is divided into 4 parts.

  • Child Development and Pedagogy
  • Language I (Hindi), Language II (English)
  • General Studies
  • Specific subject

HTET Old Questions Paper

HTET JBT (Level 1 ) 2021 Question Paper- Link

Level 2 Question HTET Previous paper

HTET previous Papers
JBT Old Question Papers 2020:
JBT/PRT HTET Question Paper 2020
TGT Old Question Papers 2020:
Hindi TGT 2020
English TGT 2020
Punjabi TGT 2020
Sanskrit TGT 2020
Home Science TGT 2020
Physical Education TGT 2020
Math’s TGT 2020
Music TGT 2020
Art TGT 2020
Urdu TGT 2020
Science TGT 2020
Social Science TGT 2020
PGT/Lecturer Old Question Papers 2020:
Punjabi PGT 2020
Sanskrit PGT 2020
History PGT 2020
Political Science PGT 2020
Economics PGT 2020
Geography PGT 2020
Home Science PGT 2020
Commerce PGT 2020
Sociology PGT 2020
Hindi PGT 2020
English PGT 2020
Physical Education PGT 2020
Psychology PGT 2020
Chemistry PGT 2020
Biology PGT 2020
Mathematics PGT 2020
Music PGT 2020
Fine Art PGT 2020
Computer Science PGT 2020
Physics PGT 2020
Urdu PGT 2020

HTET Previous Year Question Papers 2019

JBT Previous Question Papers 2019:
JBT Question Paper 2019
TGT/Master Previous Question Papers 2019:
Art TGT 2019
Home Science TGT 2019
Mathematics TGT 2019
Music TGT 2019
Physical Education TGT 2019
Punjabi TGT 2019
Sanskrit TGT 2019
Science TGT 2019
Social Study (S.S.) TGT 2019
English TGT 2019
Hindi TGT 2019
Urdu TGT 2019
PGT/Lecturer Previous Question Papers 2019:
Commerce PGT 2019
Economic PGT 2019
English PGT 2019
Geography PGT 2019
Hindi PGT 2019
History PGT 2019
Home Science PGT 2019
Political Science PGT 2019
Punjabi PGT 2019
Sanskrit PGT 2019

HTET Previous Year Question Papers 2018

JBT Previous Question Papers 2018:
JBT question Paper 2018
TGT/Master Previous Question Papers 2018:
Art TGT 2018
English TGT 2018
Hindi TGT 2018
Home Science TGT 2018
Mathematics TGT 2018
Music TGT 2018
Physical Education TGT 2018
Punjabi TGT 2018
Sanskrit TGT 2018
Science TGT 2018
Social Study SS TGT 2018
Urdu TGT 2018
PGT/Lecturer Previous Question Papers 2018:
Biology PGT 2018
Chemistry PGT 2018
Commerce PGT 2018
Computer PGT 2018
Economics PGT 2018
English PGT 2018
Fine Art PGT 2018
Geography PGT 2018
Hindi PGT 2018
History PGT 2018
Home Science PGT 2018
Mathematics PGT 2018
Music PGT 2018
Physics PGT 2018
Physical Education PGT 2018
Political Science PGT 2018
Psychology PGT 2018
Punjabi PGT 2018
Sanskrit PGT 2018
Sociology PGT 2018
Urdu PGT 2018

HTET Previous Year Question Papers 2017

HTET Previous year Question Papers 2016 (June) Level-3 PGT

 Question Paper PGT Biology Level III June 2016
PGT Chemistry Level III June 2016
PGT Commerce Level III June 2016
PGT Computer Science Level III June 2016
PGT Economics Level III June 2016
PGT English Level III June 2016
PGT Fine Arts Level III June 2016
PGT Geography Level III June 2016
PGT Hindi Level III June 2016
PGT History Level III June 2016
PGT Home Science Level III June 2016
PGT Mathematics Level III June 2016
PGT Music Level III June 2016
PGT Physical Education Level III June 2016
PGT Physics Level III June 2016
PGT Political Science Level III June 2016
PGT Psychology Level III June 2016
PGT Punjabi Level III June 2016
► Question Paper PGT Sanskrit Level III June 2016
► Question Paper PGT Sociology Level III June 2016
► Question Paper PGT Urdu Level III June 2016

The candidates who appeared in the online examination should report their objections according to the attached Question Papers and Draft Answer Key.

Here you can download question papers for all three levels – JBT, TGT & PGT of HTET 2014-15 Exam held on 14-15 November 2015.
Download HTET Nov. 2015 Question Papers at the below links.

Question Paper – Level-1 (JBT)
Question Paper – Level-2 (TGT)
Question Paper – Level-3 (PGT) (General Paper)
Question Paper – Level-3 (PGT Computer Science)
Question Paper – Level-3 (PGT English)
Question Paper – Level-3 (PGT Hindi)

Question Papers for HTET 2011:

  • Category-3 (Code-31-45) HTET Nov 2011 Question Papers
  • Question Paper Code 31 Download
  • Question Paper Code 32 Download
  • Question Paper Code 33 Download
  • Question Paper Code 34 Download
  • Question Paper Code 35 Download
  • Question Paper Code 36 Download
  • Question Paper Code 37 Download
  • Question Paper Code 38 Download
  • Question Paper Code 39 Download
  • Question Paper Code 40 Download
  • Question Paper Code 41 Download
  • Question Paper Code 42 Download
  • Question Paper Code 43 Download
  • Question Paper Code 44 Download
  • Question Paper Code 45 Download
  • 31A (Hindi)
    32A (English)
    33A (Punjabi)
    34A (Sanskrit)
    35A (Urdu)
    36A (History)
    37A (Pol. Sci.)
    38A (Economics)
    39A (Geography)
    40A (Home Sci.)
    41A (Commerce)
    42A (Sociology)
    43A (PHE)
    44A (Psychology)
    45A (Physics)
    46A (Chemistry)
    47A (Biology)
    48A (Math.)

Question Papers for Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test 2009:

  • Paper-II

Question Papers for Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test (HTET) 2008

HTET New Syllabus 2023 for PRT TGT PGT

New syllabus for Level-I (For Primary Teacher):

Sr. No.SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarks
1.Child Development and Pedagogy3030
2.Language I (Hindi), Language II (English)Language I (Hindi)- 15


Language II (English)- 15

3.General StudiesQuantitative Aptitude- 10


Reasoning ability- 10

Haryana GK and awareness-10

5.Environmental Studies3030
  • मनोविज्ञान 6-11 आयु ग्रुप से सम्बंधित होगा और केवल शिक्षा से सम्बंधित (teaching and learning relative) आयेगा (पूर्ण डिटेल के लिए नीचे दिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे )
  • HTET Level I प्रश्नों का प्रकार और कठिनाई का लेवल देखने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें.

New syllabus for Level-II (For TGT / Master):

Sr. No.SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarks
1.Child Development and Pedagogy3030
2.Language I (Hindi), Language II (English)Language I (Hindi)- 15Language II (English)- 1530
3.General studiesQuantitative aptitude- 10Reasoning ability- 10Haryana GK and awareness-1030
4.Subject-specific opted6060
  • मनोविज्ञान 11-16 आयु ग्रुप से सम्बंधित होगा और केवल शिक्षा से सम्बंधित (teaching and learning relative) आयेगा (पूर्ण डिटेल के लिए नीचे दिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे )
  • HTET Level II प्रश्नों का प्रकार और कठिनाई का लेवल देखने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें .

New syllabus for Level-III (For PGT):

S. No.SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMarks
1.Child Development and Pedagogy3030
2.Language I (Hindi), Language II (English)Language I (Hindi)- 15


Language II (English)- 15

3.General StudiesQuantitative Aptitude- 10


Reasoning ability- 10

Haryana GK and awareness-10

4.(specific subject)6060
  • मनोविज्ञान 14-17 आयु ग्रुप से सम्बंधित होगा और केवल शिक्षा से सम्बंधित (teaching and learning relative) आयेगा (पूर्ण डिटेल के लिए नीचे दिए लिंक पर क्लिक करे )
  • HTET Level III प्रश्नों का प्रकार और कठिनाई का लेवल देखने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें .

HTET previous year exam pattern (पुराना पैटर्न नीचे दिया हुआ है ये था )↓:

Level-1: Child Development and Pedagogy- 30 Marks Language I (Hindi) – 30 Marks Language II (English) – 30 Marks Mathematics – 30 Marks Environmental Studies – 30 Marks.

Level- 2: Child Development and Pedagogy- 30 Marks Language I (English) – 30 Marks Language II ( Hindi/ Punjabi/ Urdu/ Sanskrit – Choose anyone) – 30 Marks Mathematics and Science: 60 Marks (For Mathematics and Science Teacher) Social Studies: 60 Marks ( For Social Teacher) Home Science/ Physical Education Teacher – 60 Marks.

Level- 3: Child Development and Pedagogy- 30 Marks Language I (Hindi) – 30 Marks Language II (English) – 30 Marks Specific Subject – 60 Marks.

Sample question paper for HTET Haryana TET

Sample Questions
Due to an extended winter break, the school management arranges for classes during holidays, What will be your reaction as a teacher?
(i) Protest and not take classes.
(ii) Request reconsideration of the decision.
(iii) Tell students to prepare on their own.
(iv) Accept it as your responsibility.
In your class, you find that some students cannot understand a topic because of the wide gap in their previous knowledge. What would you do?
(i) Arrange extra classes to help them.
(ii) Ask the parents to arrange help at home.
(iii) Continue with your classes.
(iv) Seek the Principal’s help.
3. सही बताओ
(i) आशीर्वाद
(iii) आशिरवाद
(iv) आशीरवाद

Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blanks in the given sentence.
“The story that the mountaineer_________ was very exciting.”
(i) explained
(ii) narrated
(iii) repeated
(iv) revealed
If you reach the school late, your Principal ___________ angry.
(i) will be
(ii) was being
(iii) has been
(iv) is being
The place value of zero in 1341.01 is –
(i) Hundreds
(ii) Tens
(iii) Units
(iv) Tenths
Which of the following numbers is divisible by 2,4,6 and 8.
(i) 534800
(ii) 543888
(iii) 534810
(iv) 542316
The taste buds for bitter taste are present at the –
(i) a centre of the tongue.
(ii) back of the tongue.
(iii) tip of the tongue.
(iv) edges of the tongue.
Which part of the plant evaporates water?
(i) Stomata.
(ii) Fruit.
(iii) Branch.
(iv) Root.
Raja, a student of your class, is very tense due to the acne on his face. What will you do?
(i) Ignore him.
(ii) Tell him that it is normal and is due to hormonal changes.
(iii) Tell him to go to a doctor as it is a medical problem.
(iv) Scold and tell him not to waste time on these issues.
Twelve-year-old Radhika has begun to imitate the style of talking to her teacher. This form of behavior is known as –
(i) compensation
(ii) transference
(iii) sublimation
(iv) egocentrism
कोन सा वाक्य सकर्मक ह ै?
(i)वह पढता है
(ii)वह सोता है
(iii)वह हँसता है
(iv)वह जाता है

Select a word opposite in meaning to the underlined word to complete the given sentence:
When the enemy attacks a country, its army …………. it with all its might.
(i) defeats
(ii) fights
(iii) defends
(iv) repels
Select the word with the correct spelling to fill in the blanks in the given sentence:
I………………..a letter from my grandfather.
(i) received
(ii) received
(iii) resieved
(iv) recived
The weight of a 3-month-old baby is 6.08 kg. This is 190% of her weight at birth. What was her weight at birth?
(i) 3.2 kg
(ii) 3.02 kg
(iii) 2.3 kg
(iv) 2.03 kg.
A star has a diameter of approximately 0.5 that of Earth and a mass of 0.1 that of Earth. The force experienced by a body of mass 1 kg. on the surface of that star compared to that on Earth is greater by the factor:
(i) 0.2
(ii) 0.4
(iii) 0.8
(iv) 1
The relative atomic masses of many elements are not whole numbers because –
(i) elements are mixtures of isotopes.
(ii) elements are mixtures of isobars.
(iii) elements have fractional absolute masses.
(iv) all elements are not in the gaseous state.
After vigorous exercise, a person may experience pain in muscles due to-
(i) break down of glucose and release of energy.
(ii) accumulation of Pyruvic acid.
(iii) formation and accumulation of Lactic Acid.
(iv) formation of ethyl alcohol.
One of the possible reasons for the absence of pompous buildings in the Harappan cities was –
(i) The low living standard of the Harappan people.
(ii) the absence of class distinction in the Harappan society.
(iii) the absence of a monarchical system of government.
(iv) a scarcity of requisite material necessary for their construction.
Which climatic region has the least temperature range?
(i) Equatorial region
(ii) Monsoon region
(iii) Tropical region
(iv) Tundra region
According to the modern concept of teaching, the teacher should play mainly the role of a –
The word ‘Geography’ was first used by
(i) Philosopher
(ii) Friend
(iii) Facilitator
(iv) Instructor
(i) Ptolemy
(ii) Eratosthenes
(iii) Aristotle
(iv) Herodotus
Characteristic of creativity is Originality is
A chemical substance in foods are called
(i) Originality
(ii) Fluency
(iii) Flexibility
(iv) All of the above
(i) Fatty acids
(ii) Nutrients
(iii) Proteins
(iv) All of these
The book ‘Poverty of Philosophy’ was written by
(i) K.R. Popper
(ii) M. Ginsberg
(iii) Karl Marx
(iv) Max Weber
Dowry, though ……… by law, has grown to monstrous……..after four decades of legislation.
Who established the first experimental laboratory of Psychology in Germany?
(i) Abolished, Practice
(ii) Prohibited, Proportions
(iii) Affected, Evil
(iv) Rebuked, Image
(i) William James
(ii) Wilhelm Wundt
(iii) John Watson
(iv) Ivan Pavlov
From whom do we get immunity?
(i) Brother
(ii) Sister
(iii) Mother
(iv) Father
Who is one of the ‘University Wits’?
The main objectives of Book-Keeping are
(i) Christopher Marlowe
(ii) Ben Jonson
(iii) John Webster
(iv) George Chapman
(i) Complete Recording of Transactions
(ii) Ascertainment of financial Effect on the Business
(iii) Analysis and Interpretation of data
(iv) (1) and (2) both
The current gain for a transistor in a common emitter configuration is 59. If the emitter current is 6.0 mA, the collector current will be
(i) 0.1 mA
(ii) 5.9 mA
(iii) 6.1 mA
(iv) 6.0 mA
Which of the following is not a characteristic tool of the Neolithic Age
The number of atoms present in 224 dm3 of oxygen gas is
(i) Celts or Polished Axe
(ii) Handaxe
(iii) Ring Stone
(iv) Saddle Quern
(i) 6.0 x 1023
(ii) 1.2 x 1023
(iii) 5.0 x 1224
(iv) 1.2 x 1025
Jawaharlal Nehru considered the following as the suitable pattern of the economy for India
Deficiency of copper in the body causes
(i) Capital economy
(ii) Socialist economy
(iii) Mixed economy
(iv) Liberal economy
(i) Pellagra
(ii) Anaemia and damage to CNS
(iii) Influenza
(iv) Xeroplasma
The term ‘Economics’ is derived from which Language?
If n(A) = 3, n(B) = 6, then minimum and maximum values of n(A U B) are
(i) Latin
(ii) Greek
(iii) German
(iv) French.
(i) 3, 9
(ii) 6, 9
(iii) 3, 6
(iv) 0, 9
Tansen was an expert of which Gan-Shaille?
(i) Prabandha gan
(ii) Tappa gan
(iii) Dhrupad gan
(iv) Thumari gan
Computer Science
………..function gives the total number of rows in a table.
(i) Variance
(ii) Max
(iii) Sum
(iv) Count
Fine Arts
Seals found in Indus Valley Civilization are mostly
(i) Round
(ii) Square
(iii) Rectangle
(iv) Triangle

The validity of the HTET certificate

HTET was started by Hooda Govt. in 2008. HTET certificate validity is 5 years from the date of issue.

How to get the HTET OMR sheet from the Board:

Haryana board of school education conducts the teacher eligibility test. There is a provision to get an OMR sheet by paying a number of Rs. 500/- within 60 days of the result declaration (see notification).

Nowadays the board provides a triplicate OMR answer sheet. One for a candidate, a second for the board, and a Third for checking. So nowadays there is no need to take the OMR answer sheet from the board.

HTET solved question papers of previous years

Download the Haryana TET question paper in Medium wise and Group-wise and Subject wise Hindi / English / Mathematics / Environmental Studies / Social Studies / Child Development and Pedagogy / Sanskrit / Punjabi / Urdu / Economics / Geography / Home Science / Political Science / Commerce / Psychology / Chemistry / Commerce / Geography Papers Subject Wise Latest and Previous Years Question Papers Download above. A candidate who is in the final year of a diploma/course of teaching can apply for Haryana TET. A candidate may register every year HTET. There is no limit to TET chance. With the HTET old papers, candidates can get an idea about the paper pattern. Students should use model test papers/practice papers / HTET notes / HTET previous year question papers to qualify Haryana teacher eligibility test. Haryana TET admits card was not sent via post. The candidate has to download it from the official website. The additional chief secretary of the Haryana Govt. issued a letter dated 21.04.2017 regarding the validity of the HTET certificate. According to Surina Rajan HTET notification, the HTET validity period is five years. In Haryana, some teachers appointed on an experience basis without HTET in Haryana will have to qualify for the Haryana TET within the specified time.

Solved HTET question papers download pdf

In Haryana, the teacher eligibility test is a must to be recruited as a teacher. In Haryana, HTET is conducted on three levels. HTET level 1 is for JBT/PRT/primary teachers. HTET level 2 is for TGT/master/C&v, and HTET level 3 is for PGT/lecturer. HTET level I is a must for classes 1st to 5th (primary class). HTET level II is a must for classes 6th to 10th (upper primary class). HTET level III is a must for classes 11th to 12th (10th 11th 12th classes). After making some changes in the Haryana education department, the 9th and 10th classes were also taught by PGT in Haryana. After conducting the Haryana teacher eligibility test answer key is released on the official website. After seeing the HTET answer key objections are invited with proof if any. In previous years many times extra marks have been provided for the wrong answer by the conducting organization. HTET papers with the solution are given below.

HTET model test papers practice paper

Aspirants should solve the HTET model test paper for practice purposes. By solving HTET model test papers students will get an idea about time management in the HTET exam. Subject-wise time distribution can be done when you solve 5 or 6 HTET model test papers or HTET old question papers held in previous years. Hard work is key to success for Haryana TET. Any type of cheating can lead to your trouble. If you are found in the cheating process you can be permanently disqualified from the job. HTET question papers old and new, model test papers, practice papers, notes, and Haryana board test books up to 10th/12th.

HTET Old question papers and model test papers / HTET practice papers

All the aspirants going to appear in HTET 2017 are searching for HTET old question papers for PRT TGT PGT. Some students are in need of HTET model test papers, HTET practice papers, HTET question papers, and an answer key in pdf. Now we are going to provide the HTET question papers held in the previous year. Some HTET question papers have the answer keys.


When was the first HTET /STET taken in Haryana?


What is the link for the HTET 2023 Question Papers?

This is Link

what is the pass marks for HTET?

General category 60% & Scheduled Category and Handicapped 55%.

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