Online Teacher Transfer Policy Haryana

Haryana Education Department Online Teachers transfer Policy detail is given here. Online Teachers transfer policy Haryana is based on a number/point-based policy. Teacher transfer policy Points are calculated on the basis of employee age and gender. Now in the Haryana Education Department transfer teachers online. In normal cases, the offline transfer is banned in the state. All the transfer in the education department is now through transfer drive.

DSE Teachers Transfer Policy Haryana

As mentioned above transfer policy is based on points/numbers of an employee. More the points more the chance to get the desired station in the pending zone. According to the teachers and the unions’ Teachers Transfer Policy is very good for all. This is an online transfer policy so this is a corruption-free jack free policy.

Education Department Transfer Policy details

Transfer based onPoints of employee
Total Points (Maximum)80
Age Points (maximum)60
Other Points (maximum) 20
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Point system in Teacher Transfer Policy Haryana

Total Points=80 (60 Age + 20 Other criteria)

A. Age criteria marks (Total= 60 Points)

Age Marks= Present Date – Date of Birth

Age Points (maximum of four decimal points only)= Age in number of days ÷ 365

B. Special Category Criteria Marks (Maximum=20)

Female 10
Widow/ divorced/ separated/ unmarried female more than 40 years/ wife of serving
Military personnel/ Paramilitary personal working outside the State
A widower (A male who has lost his wife and has not remarried)
and has one or more minor children and/ or unmarried daughter(s)
40% to 60% disability10
61% to 80% disability15
81% to 100% disability 20
Diseases of “Debilitating Disorders, Self, Spouse, unmarried Children (Valid certificate
issued during the last one year by AIIMS (Including its branches in Haryana), PGI Rohtak, PGI,
Khanpur Kalan, Kalpana Chawla Medical College, Karnal, PGI Chandigarh or Duly Constituted
Medical Board only
Men/Women having Mentally challenged or 100% differently-abled child10
Couple case (Points to only female)05
State/ National awardee05
good results in the last board exam75% to 80 % =1
80% to 85% = 2
85% to 90% = 3
90% to 95% = 4
95% to 100% = 5

Transfer Policy Diseases list

Following diseases are hereby notified as “Diseases of Debilitating Disorder” under para 6(iii) (b) (5) of the Teachers Transfer Policy-2016:

  • 1. Chronic Heart Diseases and Chronic artery diseases
  • 2. Chronic renal failure
  • 3. Brain tumours & Malignaney of different organs
  • 4. Paraplegia/Cuadriplegia/Hemiplegia
  • 5. Multiple Sclerosis, Mysthenia Gravis, Parkinson’s Diseases
  • 6. Thalessemies, Haemophillia, Aplastic Anaemis, Myelodisplastic Disorders
  • 7. AIDS
  • 8. Liver and Kidney transplant.

Teachers suffering from these diseases shall be entitled to the points available under the aforesaid provisions. The necessary certificate must be issued by AIIMS (Including its branches in Haryana); PGI Rohtak; or PGI, Khanpur Kalan, or Kalpana Chawla Medical College, Karnal, or PGI Chandigarh or Duly Constituted Medical Board in the Districts. This is being issued in consultation with the Health Department, Government of Haryana.

Teacher Transfer Drive Policy in Haryana

After completing the 5 years on a particular station teachers have to participate compulsorily in the transfer drive. 3 Years is the qualifying period to take participate in a transfer drive. By this teacher transfer policy students and teachers, both are happy. JBT, TGT, C&v, ESHM, Head Master, Principal all transfers are online in Haryana. Teachers who got online transfer schools are given according to the zone.


Which department is covered under the online transfer policy?

Every Department in Haryana has more than 300 employees.

When online teacher transfer policy released?

In the year 2016.

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